Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do You Know Your Aesthetic Style?

Everyone knows that the economy is really, really bad, and one of the first things to go are non-essential items. So it's no big surprise that jewelry sales during this slump are, dare we say, in the toilet. However, I've been doing some soul searching as to whether MY sales are down because of the economy or maybe it's because I'm not sure who I am as a jewelry designer.

For several years I've explored many styles and techniques; some of which I love, and some......not so much. It's so much fun to explore. But I've come to the conclusion, though, that I don't have a cohesive look that defines me as a designer. Most well-known designers have a distinct look that you can spot from a mile away. Well, my aesthetic "style" has been looking a little bit like one of those road maps you see in a diner where visitors stick in a push pin to show where they're from.

A few weeks back I was chatting online with Laura Bracken, a jewelry designer friend. She had written an amazing article, "Artistic Confidence, Being Nice, and Finding Your Artistic Voice". That article is what gave me a kick in the tush and got me wondering where my feet were planted on that road map. It made me realize I have never truly identified a specific design aesthetic.

So I've been taking some time to reflect and study. It's been really interesting and eye-opening. I can now say that I definitely know what style speaks to me and what doesn't. Now I just have to draw from the different techniques I've learned to make my own aesthetic style. I'm thrilled to see where this leads me!


pamw said...

very well written. I see your style as colorful and bold, with large stones or beads. All have been beautiful

Laura Bracken said...

So glad we can all work together and share ideas and encouragement!