Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modified Circular Brick Stitch Earrings

Recently I came across a pattern for this beautiful beaded pendant.

I tried using the pattern on large hammered teardrop pendants for a pair of earrings, but due to the rather large size of the teardrop, the beads would touch my neck which would cause the beads to curl. I knew this would never do. I was constantly reaching up to feel the earrings and see if the beads needed to be straightened out. This is one reason why I always try out new designs on myself before I make any to sell. I wouldn't want one of my customers dealing with curled up beads!

I still loved the concept, so I decided to take a different strategy. I used the design principle and inverted it to the inside of the pendant instead of the outside. Voila! I wonderful pair of earrings, still very large, and no curling beads :-)

I've completed three pairs of earrings - these salmon/coral earrings, a green pair, and a pair with olive green/slate blue-gray, which are all listed in my etsy shop. I'm now working on a pair of fuchsia/pink. I think I'll wear them tonight!

Happy beading :-)