Sunday, December 15, 2013

All This Stuff

I love doing craft shows and art fairs. I love meeting people. People are so interesting. I watch people walk by, notice their expressions on their face, and wonder what they're thinking about as they look into the different booths. One thing that surprises me, though, is the number of times people that walk into my booth, look around, then ask me "Do you make all this?". I reply "Yes, every bit of it (well, there are exceptions to that rule, but that's another story)". I think people assume that, since there is so much on display, I couldn't possibly have made all of it and perhaps I'm a representative from one of the direct sales companies such as Premier Designs or Silpada. No, I'm not selling some mass-produced line of jewelry. I'm selling jewelry that I pored my heart and soul into. This isn't my hobby, this is my WORK. I work in my studio for hours every day making jewelry, often to the point of neglecting my family. I'm in the studio working when I should be cooking a home-cooked dinner for my husband. I find every excuse there is to slip off to my haven and work. So yes, I make all this, and yet there's still so much more inside me to make.