Saturday, February 2, 2008

Taking out my frustrations !

It's been a really tough week. I'm taking two computer programming courses for my job, so I had a test in my Visual Basic class, plus my Javascript class was given two days to turn in an assignment, which interfered with my time to study for my VB test.

This morning I got up feeling the need to take out some of my frustrations, and the best way to do that is to get out my hammer. I have a variety of sizes of copper washers, so I hammered two different sizes, drilled a hole in the top and bottom and attached them with sterling silver jump rings. I then put three different sizes of Swarovski bicones in the color of Indicolite to help bring out that verdigris color that copper gets. I didn't want to use pre-manufactured earwires because they wouldn't blend with the rough hand-made look, so I made the ear wires by hand.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bracelets for Bucks

One of my dearest friends, Pam Cuny, is very active in her community. One of the organizations she is involved with is the Animal Advocates of Barnwell County. This non-profit charitable organization is made up of volunteers, dedicated to rescuing, healing, safeguarding and giving new life to animals. They have taken on a project to open an "upscale" thrift store to raise money to eventually build an animal shelter.

Pam came up with the idea to have the organization purchase from me some inexpensive bracelets which could be sold for a small profit in their "Pick of the Litter" thrift store. Each bracelet would have either a cat or a dog charm on it and be for girls anywhere from elementary to high school. I used a variety of colors of Czech fire-polished beads and have been very busy making bracelets all week long. Here's just a few as a sample.