Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vacation is Over, Back to Reality

In my last post (which was entirely too long ago *blush*) I mentioned we were going on a vacation. We got back this past Sunday after spending eight days in Charleston, South Carolina. It was great. Awesome seafood, awesome sightseeing, and some really awesome bead shops! I spent way more $$$ than I intended, but I found a couple of really nice stores that had a great selection, great prices, and I had nothing but time (wish I also had nothing but $$$). My husband would drop me off at the shop, and he'd go do something he wanted to do (like find the nearest Honda dealer to order a part ??), then he'd come back for me when I finished, or when he finished, whichever came first. One of the stores, Beads on Cannon, was so great that I went there twice! When we got home, I dumped out all of the beads I purchased. Oh, be still my heart, how I love playing with beads. The only downside is they have to be entered into inventory before I get to play with them. That took three days (not three full days, three days of when I could find time while Emma napped). I did finally make one pair of earrings
and got them listed on etsy. After that, my studio was in such a mess, today I spent over six hours cleaning the studio. You can finally see surfaces, YAY! I'm too pooped now to try to be creative, that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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