Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Studio Reorganization

I'm currently suffering from what my sister-in-law refers to as “clean closet high”. Since early January I've been trying to re-organize my studio, primarily because it was at the point where I could no longer find anything. I'd spend hours opening containers looking for something, and decided enough was enough. I've spent every spare minute taking apart old pieces of jewelry, sorting piles of beads and findings, labeling boxes, etc. Well I can proudly say that it is finally done! My husband walked in to the room this morning and said “The studio looks really good. Is it functional now?” I think what he was getting at was it was so neat, I wouldn't be able to be creative in there. No worries, the creativity that's been building up inside of me since this began is dying to come out! I figured I'd post pictures to give you a little tour while it's still clean :-)

This is what I refer to as "the wall o' beads", which are wwo heavy-duty shelving units that hold beads and findings.

Small metal shelving unit holding props for taking photos, and wooden bookcase containing reference books, boxes of completed jewelry, and assorted tools.

Photo shooting area, including old hand-made light box.

Office area

Shelf for keeping lanyards sorted, display pieces, and plastic container for etsy listings. The tall black piece is on casters and I take it to craft shows to keep everything organized.

The extremely important entertainment area, plus seating for customers.

Hope it stays this neat !!

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Robin Reed said...

I have not really even started to organize my space! I am moving in to a new room and thought...why start now, them n my sweet hubby said tonight, If we start cleaning here than when the other room is done we can just move you right in. SOOOO i guess i am going to start a 2fold project...clean the new room and organize where i am right now!!! I will try to take pictures before during and after... this should be interesting!!!