Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving On

This past weekend was the last of my craft shows for the year (WHEW !). I love them, but they absolutely wear me out. I came home and slept for over 14 hours, which in my world is absolutely unheard of ! So, now I have a huge mess to sort through and re-organize and get listed on etsy. Also, at one of the shows I was approached by a woman opening a new gallery in Dublin, Georgia, so in my spare time (LOL) I need to start making items for when she opens her gallery December 1st.

I tried out for another community theater production. I've never been in a musical before, so I was thrilled to be cast in the chorus. We'll be performing "It's a Wonderful Life-The Musical", opening the day after Thanksgiving. I'm so excited about doing this play! We started rehearsals a couple weeks ago and the music is amazing. So, here it is the end of September and I'm singing Christmas carols all day long.

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