Monday, April 6, 2009

Chaos !

I have signs on my car to advertise my jewelry business, so a couple that recently started attending our church saw the signs and asked if I would be interested in possibly buying her bead inventory. All I've ever seen her wear is a single strand of simple pearls, so I wasn't at all sure what she would have, so not knowing what to expect, my husband and I went over to their house, and my jaw about dropped. This woman had been making jewelry for about the past 30 years. She had contracts with dress shops, had employees working for her, you name it. She's not in good health now and has lost interest in jewelry. They've moved a couple of times, each time toting all these boxes of beads and findings. She decided it was time to part with all this, especially since she found a "good home" for it to go to. I briefly popped open box after box, just to get a general idea of what was inside, and then we agreed on a price. I loaded up my Honda Pilot (every square inch was filled !) and home we went. I am now going through all these boxes, and every time I open a new box I wonder what I will discover ! My studio used to be neat, but now my inventory has probably more than doubled. There are boxes of beads everywhere. I'm slowly trying to consolidate and find space, but right now it is absolute CHAOS, but it's also a lot of fun !!!

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