Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Woes

Well, today is November 4th, Election Day, voting for the next President of our country which makes it a VERY important day in the lives of all Americans, and it also happens to be MY birthday. I hate it when my birthday falls on election day! (I'm sure that those that have their birthday on big holidays such as Christmas don't have any sympathy for me whatsoever!) It's so hard to plan on celebrating with family because everyone's schedule is all messed up, trying schedule when they have hours to stand in line to vote. My husband and I managed to get up early to get to the poll before they opened (but everyone else apparently had the same idea - LOL). We've made "tentative" dinner plans with our family, hoping that our daughter can join us. She has to wait until she a) gets off of work, and b) goes to vote before the polls closed. Oh well, fortunately this doesn't happen frequently enough to really be a bother !

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